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And relax before taking on 2023!

Now that was a lovely Christmas I must say, very relaxing and chilled with definitely way too much food!! I feel like I have a food hangover, never mind an alcohol hangover.

Yes I did it, I made it happen. My 1st completely sober Christmas in a long time and I must say I feel mentally great for it. I was tempted to have a night on the tiles but thankfully the hangover fear out weighed the temptation.

The hangover fear is the only fear I really allow in my life, it's the only one that actually has a benefit if I listen to it!! Kind of contradictory when we are always saying “feel the fear and do it anyway” but no, the HANGOVER FEAR is my friend for life haha.

I always love this week between Christmas and New Year, it’s a time to really take a self audit, to harvest the good and forgive the rest of the current year, make peace with yourself, look forward to more learning and new opportunities for growth next year.

Goal setting is always a hot topic for the New year, a task that I never really fully appreciated until this year. I am really starting to understand and learn the importance of daily practice. Just like the daily practice of fitness and work, goal setting, writing and visioning is a must if we are to succeed in achieving our goals.

The daily practice of sitting and writing our goals out is what keeps it fresh in our minds, it brings them to life so that we don’t just keep them in the clouds. It invites them to manifest the behavioural patterns we need to perform to make our dreams realities.

Unfortunately visioning about goals just isn’t enough, we have to back those visions up with the right actions to make these goals achievable. I am currently figuring out exactly what actions I need to take towards achieving my 2023 goals.

First major goal is the London 2023 marathon. I have decided to run for Mencap Ni in memory of my late Uncle Billy who worked for Mencap NI before his passing of cancer in 2019. I am currently working out my training plan along with a healthy eating plan, no fad diets, just good healthy whole foods.

So what are your goals or growth achievements you would like to do in 2023? Before starting my healthier eating plan my immediate goal is to finish all the goodies left in the fridge and cupboards before 1st January 2023!!!!

Enjoy visioning your goals for 2023!!!

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