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So it begins!

I am so happy and grateful for another year, another year of opportunity, personal growth and expression, welcoming 2023 with open arms.

With my feet firmly planted in a foundation of personal development, mindset motivation, daily disciplines and a clearer understanding of how I operate as an individual, one is feeling a lot more confident and focused moving forward into 2023.

I have never really experienced an inner knowing or peace about where I was going in life the way I do now, I have got to say it is a pretty awesome feeling. Yes I will admit that looking at the full year as a whole can possibly be a bit daunting, but breaking it down into little sections definitely helps settle the mind.

Quarterly, monthly, weekly or if like me daily and actually hourly when I really need to be focused. I have undiagnosed CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION, I am a serial phaffer that can let time whittle past without even realising, especially when I get caught up in trivial nonsense on socials etc.

Maybe it's just the struggle of a creative mind, dunno, I don’t really want to know to be honest. It’s me and that’s fine! I have developed and continue to develop the strategies I need to get it done in my way perfect way.

You see that’s what personal development is, developing you as an individual! Yes we can look up to people who we deem successful, read all the self help books etc etc but until we actually take control and put it into personal practice there is just no point.

2023 is my year to get established in the digital world. I am committing this year to learning how to overcome the digital fear so that I can use it in a positive productive way.

Watch this space 2023!!

What is the main area of growth you are developing this year? I would love to hear from you. Subscribe and tell me what your 2023 goals are.

Best wishes, Alex xx

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