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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

How did I become this Male-Femme energised body of creativity, craziness and courage?

Growing up in Belfast N, Ireland, being effeminate from birth didn't exactly do me any favours back in 1982 let me tell you... OH the pain of the growing up in the 80s.

Plus side was that my growing up backing track was Kylie, Madonna and all those power ballads that I just loved singing and dancing to in the mirror whilst wearing my sisters formal dress and heels.

School was a complete bitch especially after my conformation of my gayness at 15 to the school, though its was no surprise, they had been telling me from primary school. My parents took it well, though I'm sure it was still a bit of a shock considering I was 13 when I confessed to them.

My love for hair, wigs and all things femme started at a young age. Being born into a family of hairdressers and barbers was bound to get me eventually, surrendering to the fact that this is my life path hasn't always been easy for me.

My femininity, creative flare, drive to work and escape the hell of school led me down the crazy party loving career which is commonly known as Hairdressing. I must say I thought I'd arrived at the tender age of 16, in my first trainee hairdressing job that I got when I was skiving from school one Friday afternoon.

I saw the trainee sign as I watched my friend get her braids done, asked could I have the job? Went in the next day for the trial and started on the Monday morning. BOOM!!

I had arrived and I thought I knew it all, the innocence, lack of fear and thirst to be all grown up, working and my own independence......

AAAWWW bless that poor wee soul, the shit has hit the fan so many times since then, you wouldn't believe. I'm going to have to take a break, gather my thoughts and feelings so I can fill you in soon.

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