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I am bursting with excitement and deep gratitude as I embark on the journey of introducing my bespoke collection of synthetic wigs: Male-Femme wigs. 

This endeavour is the culmination of my extensive experience in the hair industry, my personal growth journey and my unwavering dedication, all converging to give life to a brand that I am eagerly thrilled to unveil to the world. 

As an individual who embodies both Male and Female energies, this venture represents a personal celebration for me and countless others who share a similar journey.  The name “Male-Femme” perfectly encapsulates the essence of my brand, reflecting its unique blend of energies and identities. 

With each wig I create, I am dedicated to channelling my energy, creativity, knowledge and passion into an ever growing legacy that is Male-Femme wigs. 

My aspiration is that these elements resonate deeply, translating into the heart of every design and fostering the journey of Male-Femme wigs. 

Love Male-Femme alex

For enquiries please email.

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