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Frustration Dump.

The frustration of life some days is so intense, so debilitating & so over whelming that I don't know what to do. I don't know how to process or let go, even though I want to let go!

I'm glad I am aware of the natural laws or the universe and how energy is connected as one. I am also glad I know how the different frequencies of vibration operate, low, high and the strong hold these frequencies can have on people.

But sometimes I don't want to know, sometimes ignorance is bliss, even if it's for a short moment in time. The processing of mixed emotions could surely be an easier process?

The physical realm is something else, the human conditioning is so heavy & hard to break away from someday's.

Someday's the air is so dense in my head, it feels like it is closing. A gasp of release then back into the dense over bearing air.

The intense hyper focus on a certain matter or project seems to be my norm but not the general norm.

Does anyone else think or feel like this?

I guess after being 15 months sober I am having to learn how to sit with these frustrating processes and new levels of awareness, gather new coping tools and be glad I am able to work through it.

When being in this period of frustration I have always taken comfort in the age old scripture "Be still and know that I am God" (I relate this to the God of my understanding) even though it is the last thing I want to do!!

I gently remind myself that without being still, peace, calm, understanding and clarity will never come. The dangling carrot will never be caught.

Be still, be kind and be gentle with yourself when the world is closing in.

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Rather than focus on frustration I try to think about and spend time doing things that will make me stronger or make bring happiness and peace (even if only temporary) 😌 a lot of life is outside of our control and for me it's keeping the faith that everything will work out as it should even if we are frustrated in this moment...being still and reflective (and taking time to simply breathe) is really important and can bring a lot of strength whilst blotting out the frustration or whatever else is going on

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