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Love in the now!

Well of course this is the time of year when we think about love, whether it has been forced upon us from the commercial Valentine propaganda's or a natural romantic inner feeling.

It actually ties in quite well with my recent journey of deeper self love, self pleasure and self discovery of who I am as a person and who I would like to be continuing forward. This has not been easy in the past, as I have written about before regarding my inner battle with the so-called ‘Gender dysphoria’.

Over the past couple of weeks I really started to reconnect with my masculine side, I even attended a ‘Dudes self pleasuring workshop’ which is designed to help men reconnect with their ‘Divine Masculine’ through different self pleasure techniques.

Don’t get me wrong, my initial draw to this was the energy of the male wild warrior instructors (shallow, yes) but actually once I looked beyond I found the whole thing incredibly interesting and possibly the missing piece of my jigsaw puzzle.

Have I stripped myself of my female connection and converted to a hyper wild man masculine warrior? Hell no! But what I have come to realise is that I am perfectly fine the way I am, in whatever expression I choose.

Now that I have a much clearer understanding of where the whole thing comes from, I have a greater inner peace with it all. I won’t bore you all with the inner details, to be honest I’ve bored myself! I’m just happy now that I can move forward with a deeper self love and acceptance.

I will continue to be the Male-Femme human being I was created to be and I am excited to see how I can help other people with their journey!

I hope you guys are on your own path to self love and acceptance, it really is a beautiful gift when we start to love our true divine being.

Much love on Valentines day.

Alex xx

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