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Power of Family and Friends

Our Family and Friends can be a powerful force field in our lives, some make it easy and some make it hard. As the saying goes you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family!

Why are there so many family dynamics and why do we sometimes seek comfort from outside of the familiar family walls? I guess one way of looking at it is the fact that because we get to choose our friends, we tend to be drawn to the people who are most like minded and who can become our alternative family.

Growing up in your family you do not know any different, you go with the flow and you take on the habitual family behaviours that have surrounded you. If you are fortunate enough they can be happy, healthy and harmonious but for the majority it can be quite the opposite from those picture perfect families!!

How do we then start to become aware of our surrounding environment and when do we start making the changes that we grow to desire? In my experience the venture of life, curiosity of human behaviour, world travel and lots of personal development.

Personal development can mean so many different things, often we are developing and we don’t even realise it. School, College, Career and so many other avenues of life experience. Through these exploratory behaviours we find our hidden treasures, learn what we like, what works for us and what no longer serves us.

This is the beautiful part of having choice in life, sometimes by having all these human experiences away from our families can be a real healing tool towards healing unhealthy family relationships and dynamics.

We have the right to put boundaries in place, we have the right to have a separate life outside of our families and we even have the right to remove ourselves completely from our families should we choose to.

It’s all down to choice, self communication and communication towards others, after all our life is a reflection of who we are inside and what we are putting out into the universe. Is it happy, healthy, harmonious or the total opposite?

Who are your family & friends? Are they the self reflection you want to see?

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